The best crepes in Paris

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Ahh..Paris! The cobblestone streets, the glistening Eiffel, the Seine, the magic! I’ve assigned myself the very important job of finding the best crepe and galette in Paris – I keep a running tally in my battered travel journal & across three separate visits, I’ve eaten 47 crepes and 32 galettes (best job in the world!). Here’s my pick of the top three spots to get your fix next time you’re in the city of love:


La Droguerie (56 Du Marais) – this hole in the wall Creperie is my absolute favourite! I fondly call the owner “L’homme le plus heureux a Paris” – literally translated to “The happiest man in Paris”. Never have I seen someone love their job so much – he’ll serve you the best sugar crepes in Paris with a big smile and a skip in his step as he pours you a cup of mint tea from the silver kettle on his bench, if you wish. The galettes are equally delicious if you’re feeling like something savoury – the happiest man in Paris will happily translate the french chalkboard menu for you to help with the decision!


La Drougerie - the best crepes in Paris!
La Drougerie – the best crepes in Paris!


Breizh Cafe (109 Rue Vieille du Temple) & Creperie de Josselin (67 Rue de Montparnass) – I know the blog post is about the 3 best creperies but I can’t mention Breizh Cafe without mentioning Josselin. Both have excellent galettes that will leave you wanting more but each caters to a different audience so I feel it’s important to mention them both at second-equals based on galette quality alone. If you want to rub shoulders with Dior clad aristocrats while devouring your Galette Calamari complete with minute fried squid and lobster oil then Breizh is your spot – be warned, it’s incredibly difficult to get a seat without a reservation. If you want to eat with the local 14th arrondissement Parisien then tuck into a buttery sausage, onion, mushroom and cheese galette at Creperie de Josselin – the queues are usually out the door but service is quick and it’s well worth the wait!


The lush lobster oil scented galette - my favourite dish at Breizh Cafe
The lush lobster oil scented galette – my favourite dish at Breizh Cafe


Bastille Market (Boulevard Richard Lenoir) – if you find yourself in Paris on a Sunday morning, go for a walk down “Marche de Bastille” – there’s hundreds of stalls set up with everything you can imagine. Fresh fruit, vegetables, artifacts, fresh seafood, wine and some of the best crepes in Paris. There are only two crepe stalls at the markets which are conveniently located right next to each other – if you stand facing the stalls, the one you want is the one on your right. You’ll notice very quickly that the line will also be longer to the right – there’s a reason for that! Pick up a scrumptious spicy chorizo & gruyere cheese galette or the perfect Nutella & Banana crepe to keep you company during your wanderings around the market.


Nutella Crepes at the Bastille Market crepe stand, what dreams are made of!
Nutella Crepes at the Bastille Market crepe stand, what dreams are made of!
Third place well deserved!
Third place well deserved!


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